Did you know? 雇主 can now claim £1,000 cash boost for every T水平 student they host on a high-quality industry placement between 27 May 2021 and July 2022.

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Alongside A Levels, Apprenticeships and Vocational Qualifications, T等级考试将成为英国中学毕业生的主要选择之一,并将取代目前的许多职业资格证书.

As part of the Middlesbrough College Group, T - Level资格将训练学生在他们所选择的行业的实践技能和知识, alongside core English, maths and digital skills, and 315 hours of work placement with a relevant employer.

T水平 Work Placements

T级实习为正在学习职业课程的学生提供了在实际工作环境中应用所学理论的机会. 学生将在与课程直接相关的雇主那里工作至少315个小时. Through this they will gain technical skills, be prepared for the world of work, and have potential connections to help secure a job once they are ready to apply.

雇主 Benefits

  • No cost to the employer
  • 为入门级工作、学徒或高级技能培训培养人才
  • Work with your future employees and give them the tools to succeed
  • Work with partner employers to split the minimum 315 hour work placement requirement
  • Have a low cost, effective method of recruiting from an untapped skills pool
  • Create a loyal and valued team
  • Achieve greater diversity among your workforce
  • Provide opportunities for existing staff to act as mentors, coaches or line managers through the initiative
  • 帮助解决社会最关键的问题,并在该领域的技能发展中发挥重要作用
  • 改善与教育提供者的伙伴关系,影响学习途径,以帮助满足您的业务和行业的需求

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What to expect…

During placement

将与雇主和每个学生保持定期联系,以监测和评估学生的进展和健康状况, safety and welfare. 我们将与雇主商定多久见一次面来回顾进展,并定期与学生联系. A midpoint review will be organised between the student and employer. 这将是一个亲自进行的机会,以检查学生的进展, 回顾学习目标,并对后半部分进行改进. 在与雇主工作期间,将进行必要的安全检查,以确保学生的安全. 我们会审慎考虑雇主的过往记录和经验,以决定他们可能需要的监察水平. 如果任何严重的问题出现在学生的表现在行业安置, we will address
this with the student. Any issues will be raised promptly with the employer and handled appropriately.

Completion of placement

A final review session will be held in person between the assessor, 学生和雇主在实习结束时反映学生的进步. 在完成他们的就业后,雇主将为学生提供使用标准化模板的推荐信. 讨论晋升到全职工作或带薪学徒或更高水平课程的学习/培训的机会.


A minimum 315 hours. The hours completed should be recorded in the student log book.

Provide the student with a full induction, including a tour of the workplace; introductions to relevant staff; any necessary training; health & safety arrangements; fire precautions and emergency evacuation arrangements; and how to report accidents, incidents and unsafe conditions.

The student will need a suitably qualified person to be their day-to-day.

The mentor will:

  • Hold regular weekly check-ins to track and review the student’s progress
  • 提醒学生完成他们的日志,并在每两周的学生反思上签字
  • Identify and deal with any issues (e.g. relating to colleagues, work content, workload etc) at an early stage
  • Provide regular, 向学生提供建设性的反馈,鼓励学生在可能的情况下自己思考和解决问题
  • 定期(通过电话或面对面)与T水平基于工作的学习评估者会面,回顾学习进度,并与学生和他们的评估者参加一个中点和最后的回顾会议,讨论学生的进步, review their learning objectives and make any changes to improve the placement.


The student will inform you of the date they will return to the placement.

Each student has a T水平 placement log book. Their attendance should be verified and signed each week. 学生还需要完成每两周的反思页,这些反思页应该由他们的工作场所导师签字. Students can work on their log book for short periods of time during their placement.