Try something new and expand your skills and talents

For students wanting a little extra something to sit alongside their studies, 我们为MC提供额外的丰富.

MC额外 is an enrichment programme which provides our students with additional and alternative activities, 从骑马到一切, 对缝纫!

Delivered by the MC额外 and Student Union team, we listen to our student body to host requested extra curricular across college and within the Teesside community to make life at ballbet贝博网站 even more enjoyable!


一月十号那一周th 会是我们的#GiveItaGo活动吗, where we will be encouraging you to go to one enrichment activity that’s a little out of your comfort zone or that really interested you.

Please use the booking form to book onto any of the enrichment on offer. 你可以预订一天或全部可用!



We are also keen to provide you with the opportunity to develop your talents and interests, 发现新的爱好, 尝试新事物, 培养新技能,结识新朋友. Why not try out one of our non-sporting enrichment activities. 

For more information on the activities and events across the college and the local community, 联系MC额外小组 01642 333716 或电子邮件